Buttermilk Falls Natural Area

Sat, July 20, 2024, 9:00 – 11:30 am

Plant Patrol has scheduled this work event and we are seeking volunteers.


We will dig out Poison Hemlock and Multiflora Rose, and pull Japanese Stiltgrass from the parking lot area. The sap of biennial Poison Hemlock, in the carrot family, is dangerous if ingested, so it is a hazard for small children. Mr. Rogers would not like that! For some people, it will also cause their skin to be UV light sensitive if they get sap on their skin. Once exposed to light, they will get a skin rash similar to Poison Ivy. The sap is mostly inside the plant, not on the surface. It readily washes off of skin and clothing with soap and water, more easily than for Poison Ivy. The Poison Hemlock plants at Buttermilk Falls are not over six inches tall and wide, so they will be easy to dig out without any risk of getting sap on ourselves. Their leaves are turning yellow, so the above-ground part of the plants probably have a reduced level of sap.

For Multiflora Rose, wear long sleeves, long pants, closed shoes or boots, and gloves. For Poison Hemlock, bring a hoe or small spade shovel, if you have one. We will have a few extra tools to lend. We will designate one person to collect and bag the Poison Hemlock while wearing rubber gloves. The rest of us will not have to touch the plants at all. For Japanese Stiltgrass, no protection is necessary, since it is growing along the edge of the trails. If you don't want to mess with Poison Hemlock, you can work exclusively on pulling Multiflora Rose bushes or Japanese Stiltgrass.

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